All worship & community services suspended temporarily

Church Family: The decision has been made not to hold church services until it is deemed safe by the CDC, other government officials and Bishop Jonathan Holston.(his statement in a post to follow.) I will be posting on Facebook by 10:00 am each Sunday the children’s sermon and Lenten Series Sermon so that we can continue our journey together. This post will not be live so that you will be able to view it at your convenience. We are working on the capability to post it on our web site as well. Please consider either mailing or going online to give your tithes and offerings so that the ministry needs of the church continue to be met. Again, please check on each other, the elderly and those who are medically vulnerable as we live out our faith as the Body of Christ. Please call or text me if you have a need of any kind. Stay safe and please follow the steps we have been given to keep everyone well. Blessings and love, Debra

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